AESP Group

The AESP Group offers the construction industry its know-how in the design, production, and installation of steel and miscellaneous steel structures.

structures. With more than 15 years of expertise, the AESP Group has distinguished itself through many major commercial and industrial projects and relies on high-quality design and quick execution to always remain at the head of the market.



Machine groupe AESP group


  • High-precision plasma cutting line
  • Easy to use with a hands-free setup
  • Space-saving
  • Transformation of any-size steel structures


  • Cutting, perforation, and transformation
  • I-beams or H-beams
  • Square or rectangular tubes
  • Flat bars or pipes

The AESP Group Is Equipped with The Latest Technology

We rely on the latest advances and innovations. That’s why we have equipped our manufacturing facility with the latest advances in robotic steel processing lines.

The SteelPRO 600 efficiently and accurately performs all types of metal cutting and perforation tasks, regardless of the size of the steel structure to be processed.

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